A technology creating life with dazzling patterns, colours and designs.

Our Hydrocote line specializes in decorative coating on 3D objects. This technology can handle a variety of substrates with complex shapes and sizes, thus giving us the versatility to service a wide range of industries from automobile, electrical components, house hold appliances, giftware items and more.

The assorted range of designs and patterns from wood, marble, carbon fibre, floral and vivid geometric patterns provides a unique finish for your components and products.

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Intense, rich & vibrant colours to express the elegance of everyday objects

Tactile design, quality materials, fine craftsmanship and long lifespan are today’s prerequisites for successful lifestyle products for the household. From gas stoves to blenders, consumer electronics to electrical components, the demands placed on surface finishing of plastics is increasing, requiring higher quality durable finishes.

We realise the everyday requirement for appearance, feel and sturdiness, thus meeting all technical requirements with experienced contribution to perfecting your products with cost- effective solutions.

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The highest quality of PVD coating for a variety of decorative & functional uses.

An ‘eco-friendly’ solution giving objects a chrome like finish with no hazardous waste and by- products. Our state of the art PVD line offers a brilliant finish with lasting durability. The PVD vacuum coating process vaporizes a solid metal to a plasma of atoms or molecules, this vapour is deposited as a high performance coating on a variety of substrates.

Today smart and attractive surface finishes play a decisive role in the launch and success of a product. Therefore we find ourselves in the unique position of offering a perception altering opportunity to your components.

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Our Customers

About Us

We come from a line of entrepreneurs that have pioneered several industries in Asia, namely Fragrances & personal care products, printing & packaging and FMCG trading and distribution. This legacy is derived from 4 generations of business experience in the service industry. Today we maintain this heritage by drawing on wisdom from those before us. With our strong exposure and educational background from the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe we draw our strengths from occasionally applying unorthodox technologies to revolutionise our approach to problem solving.

This experience has made us realise that there is something very special about a family business. The values that keep a family knitted together are what we exercise to uphold in our work. Hence the patience and persistence to do business with a long term vision is reflected in the products and services we offer.

Finally every one of us realise that what we do has an impact on society, therefore we, with our employees, customers and suppliers, strive to leave a positive impact on society as a whole, recognising that what we create and how we create it, is the legacy we leave behind.

What we do

We are a turnkey coating service provider, catering to OEMs and ODMs in Egypt/ Sri Lanka offering:
  1. Hydrocote:
    Decorative transfer Printing/ Coating on most 3D substrates
  2. Solidcote:
    Commercial spray painting of single or multi-coats on various substrates
  3. Chromcote:
    Metallization on various plastics & thermo- plastics including PP and PE
Target Market
  • Manufacturers: White goods, Plastic moulding, Automotive accessories, Household appliances, Decorative & giftware,
Electrical lighting fixtures
  • Intermediaries’ designers & end users: Interior designers, product designers, automotive vendors, end users
Company Aims
  • We have pioneered and continuously innovated … and strive to never stop innovating, adopting and adapting to new technologies within the surface finishing & ancillary industries for bringing more value to our customers
  • Our business structure is based on the foundation of trust & vision. Every day we push towards a better service structure, integrating solutions based on customer requirements and industry trends
  • Offer our customers the flexibility for small, on-demand volumes as well as planned monthly or quarterly industrial/ commercial quantities
  • Be the # 1 Deco- Functional Coating service provider in our respective market

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Plot # 226, Abu Doma Street 3rd Industrial Zone 6th October City Giza - Egypt

Sri Lanka Address

50, Kelani Ganga Mill Road,
Colombo 15


+20 2 38206323
+20 109 525 2260

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+9477 301 7052


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+20 122 2183251

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